Favorite Print Ad

Now, I am not a huge magazine reader. However, National Geographic has always held a special spot in my heart. Maybe it is due to my love of new places and things or just because they have really pretty pictures. Regardless, I have always enjoyed the ads in my favorite magazine and this one is no exception. Though I don’t care for the brand of camera, I always will love the creative pictures Olympus have always put in their ads.



My Favorite Thing Full of Memories

I truly believe that everyone has that one thing that no matter what happens they would hold on to. This item holds special meaning not because it is fancy or expensive, nor is it flashy or breath-taking. Oh no, my good friend, this one simple object is so valuable because the moment the individual sees it, they are transported back to a time or place that they cherish. Whether it is used to remember a special person or feeling or to recall a time when they were most alive, life just wouldn’t be the same without this one object. And this object for me is just a simple tea cup.

Yeah, I know it doesn’t sound like much; however, this one item is my precious thing not because it was expensive or hard to find. Oh no, my dear reader. This simple tea cup with it’s matching sister and mother pot are so irreplaceable for me because all it takes is one simple glance and I am transported back in time and place. January of 2011 when I lived in Scotland for three months as a study abroad student, to be more specific.

Now, be honest with your self. At one point in time, we all played royalty. Whether it was knights versus dragons or princesses with tea parties, we all had dreams of being a royal. I personally played both knights and princess, because where is the fun in being only one kind of royalty. However, as I walked down Edinburgh’s Prince street that rainy but beautiful day, it was not my days playing ‘slay the dragon’ that struck me as I walked into this particular tea shop. I glanced around Whittard of Chelsea amazed at the different selections of tea and coco, then I saw this tea cup. Memorized, I walked over unsure what this simple item was doing to me. With hand almost too gentle, I lifted it up and knew it had to be mine. It was stunning with dainty pink roses painted on with precision surrounded by similar colored daisies all encompassed with a simple pinkish-red border. The cup and pot were of traditional form, round and squat, but at the same time with a handle that gently spoke of a new age. I was captivated by its simple design.


However, like a true poor college student, I didn’t take it the first time I visited. Oh no, I had to be stubborn and go three more agonizing times before I caved in. At the time, the clerks must have thought me either insane or a stupid American. Frankly, I would lean more toward the latter, because I was an idiot. In my mind I couldn’t justify getting something so beautiful, so delicate, so serene. I thought that this cup didn’t fit my persona of a tough karate chick that I had all through high school. But like most great pieces of work, it convinced me other wise. The more I looked at this beautiful cup, the more it fascinated me.

For me, this cup represented a clash of ideas that simply belonged together. It was beautiful, but subtle; strong, but delicate; elegant, but determined. All things normally I would have never put together in my mind. The reason…it just didn’t fit the confines of what I had determined I could like. I trapped myself in these labels for so long that it felt uncomfortably normal. As I stared at the cup, I came out of my self-inflicted fog.

It was that particular awakening I finally convinced myself that it was okay to be a strong dainty princess-knight and for the first time in what felt like years I felt at home in my own skin. For me, this cup represents that awakening in I which I wore my ugly Scottish hat and overly worn hiking boot buying this beautiful cup knowing that I was worth it and accepting that I could be contradictory.

To this day, I still buy beautifully crafted porcelain from this company. Not only because the product is breathtakingly amazing, but because it helps me tell every female I know it is okay to be something with an ‘and.’ It’s okay to strong and beautiful. It’s okay to weak and determined. It’s okay to brave and unsure. We are wonderful just the way we are, and this cup is the embodiment of that awesome contradiction which we call woman.


Thoughts on Super Bowl Adverstisement

Just like most retail store managers, I was working on the great American event, THE SUPER BOWL. In the mist of the constant hum of a store, I heard from a customer make reference to an adorable Doritos commercial. At frist, I was skeptical. I thought “Doritos, don’t they normally run with themes such as ‘go bold’ or some other masculine ideas.” So like anyone in my generation, I googled it. Sure enough I found “Puppy Dad” and almost died inside. The company took the over-used themes of puppies and daddies and made it a satire. With my favorite essays to read being satires, I found immense humor in the commercial, along with an uncontrollable hunger for Doritos. To this I say, “Good job Doritos. You have achieved your goal!”